Mobile app searches for reserved parking lots

What would you say if you can navigate yourself by only one touch to the nearest reserved parking place? Or parking place at the specific street? Or just easily help people who need such a place? Team (go-ok) has developed such mobile application for disabled.

Reserved parking lots have an irreplaceable significance for those who have different mobility difficulties. Therefore they are dimensioned to meet certain width, strategic location and must be easily accessible. That is why it is good to know where they are and especially how to find them quickly.

Monitoring and navigator of public parking spaces for disabled, parking4disabled enable navigation to the nearest or to the specific parking lot.

You can help too! Just take a photo of reserved parking lot via the mobile app.

Through the pin icon in the application, go to your camera and take a picture of parking place. It is really very simple. At the same time it is helpful. Moreover application helps worldwide – so it is possible to add parking lots abroad as well.

Application is available for iOS and Android platform.


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More thanks
Bibiana Ondrejková
akad. mal. Veronika Lučeničová Gabčová PhD.
Mgr. Martin Menšík
Natálka Filová
Ing. Eva Kováčová
BEKIM /život=párty/
Natália Šilónová
Radoslav Malenovský
Ivo [vio] Páleník

Director: Ivan Páleník
Consultation: Tomas Haverlík
Photography: Martin Repka
Cut: Martin Repka